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Excessive Mundanity

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December 4th, 2008

09:21 pm - Roleplaying quote
"Pick a number between 1 and 4"
"Six. No, wait..."
*everyone collapses laughing*
"Sorry, that wasn't a joke, that was me being stupid"
Current Mood: amused


April 3rd, 2006

06:55 pm - Book memeage.
From rhialto

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open it to page 161.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

"The speediest way is by the paths that lead east from the Brithiach through Dimbar and along the north-march of this kingdom, until you pass the Bridge of Esgalduin and the Fords of Aros, and come to the lands that lie behind the Hill of Himring."

Brownie points to anyone who can tell me what the nearest book was...

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January 19th, 2005

02:27 pm - Meme
(yoinked from a friend of a friend)

You scored as Interpersonal. You enjoy being around people, like talking to people, have many friends, and engage in social activities. You learn best by relating, sharing, and participating in cooperative group environments. People like you include salespeople, consultants, community organizers, counselors, teachers or any other helping profession.
















The Rogers Indicator of Multiple Intelligences
created with QuizFarm.com

I don't know if it's just me, but that sounds pretty nice... although I'm a little puzzled about the bar graphs - logical/mathematical as lowest?
Current Mood: mellowmellow


January 7th, 2005

12:13 am
</td><td valign="top">You are a geek liaison, which means you go both ways. You can hang out with normal people or you can hang out with geeks which means you often have geeks as friends and/or have a job where you have to mediate between geeks and normal people. This is an important role and one of which you should be proud. In fact, you can make a good deal of money as a translator.
Normal: Tell our geek we need him to work this weekend.

You [to Geek]: We need more than that, Scotty. You'll have to stay until you can squeeze more outta them engines!

Geek [to You]: I'm givin' her all she's got, Captain, but we need more dilithium crystals!

You [to Normal]: He wants to know if he gets overtime.

You are 31% geek

Take the Polygeek Quiz at Thudfactor.com

Note: In order to make this read sanely, I had to change a bit of the html - adding a > at the end of a blockquote tag, removing the background colour from the style of the table, and changing the colour of the highlighted text - just to warn people who take the test.


November 28th, 2004

11:01 pm - Housewarming full details...
... aren't here. But there is a webpage for them. Give me an email address, or email me at sdb@geekworld.co.uk, and I'll let you have the link. I'm not posting it anywhere that'll be google-indexed, 'cause then my page will be as well...[1]

But basically it's me and Jenn, housewarming, vague non-compulsary ancient roman/greek theme. Space to crash. Our house. Friday 4th, 7pm ish.

Fuller details are on the page, including how to get here.

[1] yeah, I know about robots.txt, I just can't be bothered right now.
Current Mood: excitedexcited


November 15th, 2004

07:21 pm - My future...
...is looking a tad more settled.

Pending paperwork, and approval by Computing, I will go back to uni in september, not to repeat my third year, but to start a different degree from 2nd year.

I shall be doing Computer Science and Mathematics. There may be some complications with me having done bits of the same maths before, but it should get settled. I just need to go to an interview and convince someone in computing that I can easily get by without having done their first-year courses, which mainly seem to consist of Java (in terms of things they expect people to actually remember).

So, I like this. However, it seems likely that I'll get a student loan, but no assistance with fees. over £1100 per year does not sound fun or easy. Only for two years, I know, but still...
Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic


November 9th, 2004

01:15 pm - Wheeeee! Stuff! Stuffstuffstuff!!
Deliveries deliveries deliveries...

Since Thursday, we have taken delivery/installation of:

  • Shelving kits, for putting up in the Lounge in the alcoves either side of the chimney-breast
  • A storage chest, to keep my games in, in the lounge, and to double as a coffee-table
  • A corner TV-unit, to put in the basement
  • Sky+, installed to the basement
  • Today, two more 8-port 10/100BaseT switches, a KVM switch, and an 80GB HDD
  • Also today, a nice deep-fat-frier. Cheep, because it's not coolwall - but who needs coolwall?

This is nice. I like getting things...
Current Mood: happyhappy


November 6th, 2004

04:08 pm - Advance Notice: Housewarming
This is an open invite, at least to people I actually kinda know, although they can bring people I don't know with them, I guess...

Me and Jen will be having a Housewarming on the first Saturday in December - I think that's the 4th of December.

Like I say, open invite, and any of you people I know online are quite welcome if you actually get to Lancaster... but I'm not putting the address online publicly ;)

We don't have any other details about it, except that this will be an everyone-friendly event. So no-one violent or threatening, and no-one who has a problem with anyone else's religion, sexuality, ethnic background, nationality, physical capability, etc etc. Bigotry will not be tolerated (except in any debate, when clearly 'playing devil's advocate' and suchlike). Violent or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated. Everything else (within reason and decency - and that can stretch quite far) will.

Not wanting to sound to threatening about that - but wanted to make it clear. Hope to see plenty of folks there, at least of the people who I know in person... others are just as welcome!
Current Mood: excitedexcited

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November 5th, 2004

03:07 pm

You Are a New School Democrat

You like partying and politics - and are likely to be young and affluent.

You're less religious, traditional, and uptight than most Democrats.

Smoking pot, homosexuality, and gambling are all okay in your book.

You prefer that the government help people take care of themselves.


11:47 am - And now a request for help...
And now I ask for help.

See, there's one thing worrying me about the basement/den - there appears to be a drain in it. Just a white plastic pipe going into the concrete floor, goes down an inch or so and then bends. Has some gack in the bend. I've not heard any gurgling from it.

With tv and furniture in there, I'm obviously a little concerened about flooding. Anyone know if it's okay to block it, and how I should go about it?
Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic

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